Children between the ages of 2 to 14 always experience anxiety when it comes to visiting the dentist. This is when the expertise of a pediatric dentist comes in. 

A pediatric dentist is dedicated to the wellness and oral health of children from infancy to the teen years. A pediatric dentist can assist in minimizing dental anxiety and fear in children.

Statistics have shown that about 20 percent of children between the ages of 5 to 12 have a minimum of one untreated decayed tooth. This highlights the need for kids to have a steady routine of regular dental check-ups.


  • COMFORT: Pediatric dentists are well skilled in taking care of children. This particular skill comes with expertise in making kids relaxed, open up and subsequently experience less anxiety when it comes to dental visits. 


Dental visits are recommended for children. They should start going to the dentist with their parents as early as possible. And as often as your dental team recommends. This practice, therefore, helps them get used to the surroundings and prepares them for future visits. The earlier these visits start, the more relaxed the children will be.

  • DEVELOPING GOOD ORAL HEALTH: Childhood is when the foundation of good oral health and hygiene is laid. Naturally, children below 9 will not need a rigorous dental cleaning. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t teach them proper dental practices. Consulting a pediatric dentist will help your kid to learn the correct way of using a toothbrush when to brush, the proper size of toothpaste to use, floss properly, etc. Integrating these habits early in childhood will remain with the kids throughout their lives. Thereby, helping them grow into adults with good oral health practices. 
  • PREVENTION OF DECAY AND CAVITIES: Naturally kids often have sweet teeth and when they are always indulged can cause cavities. Dental cavities are holes that are formed in the teeth when acid in the mouth oxidizes tooth enamel. 

Dental cavities can be treated. In cases when they are not treated, this can lead to infection toothaches, and tooth extractions. 

Dental cavities which subsequently lead to decays can be prevented with regular visits to your chosen pediatric dentist. A pediatric dentist will not only assist in preventing dental cavities. But they also offer valuable tips for maintaining good oral hygiene.


If you’re still wondering if your kids really need the expertise of pediatric dentists. This article has broken down all you need to know. Remember that the oral health of your children depends hugely on you as a parent or guardian.

Bellevue Dental Clinic is dedicated to the preservation of outstanding oral health for children and adults alike. If you’re in need of a consultation session with our dentists, click here.

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