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This is what happens when you have a missing tooth. When you lose a tooth or more than one tooth, your smile and facial appearance become affected. However, they are not the only things at stake. Your overall health and lifestyle becomes affected too. At this point, you need the professional services of Bellevue Dental Clinic to help you choose the most suitable replacement procedure.

Another issue that is likely to occur when a tooth is missing is super-eruption. The tooth that opposes the site of the missing tooth may start to grow out from its position because it no longer has the opposing tooth to resist it.


Replacing a missing tooth is an important part of restoring your confidence in your smile, and it is also key to maintaining dental health and a functioning bite.

  • DENTAL IMPLANTS: This is the gold standard when it comes to the replacement of a missing tooth. They’ve been rated as next best to natural teeth. When it comes to replacing a missing tooth using dental implants, it’s aesthetically pleasing. And in some cases, no one apart from yourself and the dentist knows that there are implants in your mouth. There are high success rates in healthy patients and it’s strong and very functional. Dental implants require less maintenance. As opposed to replacing a missing tooth with a bridge or partial. With dental implants, you can afford to brush and floss like normal. However, the success rate of dental implants is quite lower with patients with a history of bisphosphonate usage or diabetes. And also poor gum health and hygiene can contribute to this.
  • REMOVABLE PARTIAL DENTURE: For replacing a missing tooth, removable partial dentures aren’t always the first to come to mind. This is because you always have to take them out before going to bed. You basically wear them during the day and then take them out at night. 

This makes them less ideal; This type of replacement for missing tooth

has advantages which includes the fact that it’s less expensive and doesn’t require surgery. Also, it requires minor alterations to the teeth. Removable partial dentures have been known to be harder to clean, less aesthetic, and less comfortable.

  • DENTAL BRIDGES: A missing tooth can be replaced with dental bridges too. A dental bridge is a false tooth or a pontic. Pontics are made from a variety of materials like gold. Commonly, they’re made from porcelain in order to aesthetically blend in with the natural teeth.


  1. Traditional
  2. Implant supported
  3. Maryland dental bridges
  4. Cantilever dental bridges

However, with these different types of dental bridges come different price ranges.

In this article, we have shown you the best applicable solutions to a missing tooth. In order to choose the best alternative and replacement strategy for you, you have to visit a dentist. See if Bellevue Dental Clinic is the right fit for you. 

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