Have you ever heard that you need to see the dentist? Or when was the last time you went to see a dentist?  Here is why a visit to a dental clinic in Abuja is important. The care of the mouth and teeth is a good step towards a healthy life, now if you desire a healthy life then you need to find a dental clinic that can offer you just that. When you wake up in the morning to brush your teeth, and it doesn’t seem to be getting clean, you take the toothpaste and try again but a bit harder this time in an attempt to get your teeth to appear cleaner but that does not happen, you are still meet with the same dull outlook of your teeth, well that is a sign that it is time to see the dentist. Why is a regular visit to the dentist important?

Dentistry in Nigeria is becoming more popular as many people are becoming more interested in how their teeth look and not just that they are also interested in the overall health of their mouths. Concerns on toothache and pains, bad breath, teeth coloring and so on, are reasons people now see the need to see the dentist as often as they can.

The need to find a dental clinic or a dental hospital which can adequately cater for the needs of a wide variety of patients is thus imperative. Bellevue dental clinic in Abuja is the place you can go to, to get your teeth to the best it can be.

Finding a dental clinic in Abuja with ease

Life in the big city requires you to plan your time well and because of this, there is a need to have a service that you can rely on to give you results at short notice. To get treatment for your teeth at a moment notice can be of concern, you want to achieve a lot in your day and you would prefer to get to the dentist as soon as you can and get a session easily and not have to wait for days or weeks, then you should try Bellevue dental.

Bellevue offers prompt service for your dental needs

There is quick response time to booking appointments with clients and prospective clients. Located in Abuja, the practices and the practitioners of this dental clinic are of global standards with state-of-the-art equipment and practices that are geared towards giving patients of all ages’ proper dental care and glowing shiny teeth. This dental hospital in Abuja also has a staff that is experienced as well as fresh to provide an alluring mix. The staff is quick to respond to any form of emergency or routine checkup that you might need. All appointments are processed promptly and you can come to the clinic and get a refreshing and welcoming atmosphere where your needs would be catered to with the utmost attention.

The clinic’s founder is a guru

The dental clinic is led by Dr. Marie-brigitte Ebodiam Etou Okele who has 25 years of experience under her belt as a dental surgeon and consultant orthodontist also she has a degree in pediatric, and adult dental health care and has also practiced in countries like Belgium, and France. She runs this clinic in a special way that the staff and patients can attest to the unique approach she presents on how to get people of all ages obtain proper dental care and this is backed by the provision of an affordable dental clinic in Abuja.

Standard services you can find at Bellevue dental

When you visit Bellevue you will find the services largely accommodating and sound. These range from early age treatments mainly for children and post early age treatments, we also offer orthodontic treatments, teeth whitening and dental cosmetics. Preventive care is very key to the way Bellevue Dental operates, with the application of Oral Exams, X-Rays and Cleanings and much more, Bellevue dental provides its clients and patients with care that decreases the chance of occurrence of most oral diseases. The restorative care Bellevue offers is the replacement and the repair of missing or damaged tooth and tooth structure with fillings, crowns and bridges, and implants to assist in the recreation of a tooth structure that was once damaged.


Dental health is vital to everyone, research in recent years have begun to prove that oral health is important, diseases from oral health tend to spread leading to heart complications, diseases in the lungs and so on, to mitigate against such health issues effectively, you must start from what you eat, and the way you keep your mouth clean. Many of the dental hospitals in Abuja, Nigeria are doing the public a huge good because for a human being when your mouth is cleaner your health tends to be better. At Bellevue dental, the aim is to get a lot of people to see and appreciate what regular cleaning and teeth whitening can do for the body, and at the same time get to experience the best dental clinic in Abuja. Go to our website bellevue dental today and book your appointment. Visit bellevue Dental today and recognize the difference.


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