best dental clinic in Abuja

Do you know that care for the teeth is important? What is equally important is that you are confident of the capabilities of the health practitioners that you leave your teeth and its fate to, now for you that wants to get quality treatment for the teeth at the best clinic in Abuja, come to Bellevue Dental where you will be able to get professional service and quality delivery on your desires for your teeth and general oral health.

There is a way in which Bellevue dental delivers dental service that sets them apart from all other dental clinics in Abuja. Now there is an emphasis on giving every patient a very relaxed and comfortable dental experience, it is known that a lot of people are not comfortable going to the dentist much less going for a check-up at the dentist.

This can occur however, that should not mean you stop going to the dentist or never visit one. Here I’m going to show you the problems that can develop as a result of no visits to the dentist.

best dental clinic in Abuja

Sensitive teeth

Whenever you chew food and there is pain on your teeth or you feel an abnormal pain if you take something cold then it is time to see the dentist. This can be shrugged off as common and ignored but the more, you ignore it the more it can become a serious health issue. The most effective way to handle this is to contact a dentist.

Now what might be happening to you is called dental erosion. It is the loss of the tooth enamel which is the hard outer coating of the tooth, which protects the sensitive dentine under the surface layer. To treat this, preventive measures like airflow polishing can remove stains from behind and in front of the teeth.

Teeth whitening

If you notice the coloring of your teeth changing, or if your teeth are already having that yellowish pigment on it, there is a need to visit the dentist. What causes most of these things is the food you, eatage, and smoking. To improve how your teeth look you can contact the best dental clinic in Abuja to see your options on how to get your teeth whitened.

The use of bleaches like toothpaste and home-use whiteners are not as effective as those used by the dentist, this is because there are hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide in them. It is also important to speak to the dentist on how to get the teeth properly whitened.

So when you come to our clinic you will get a chairside bleaching session and then some protective gel would be applied on your mouth to protect your gums.

best dental clinic in Abuja

Proper care for your gums

Do your gums occasionally, get swollen, red, or even bleed, then you are showing symptoms of a gum disease called ‘Gingivitis’. This disease if not properly treated can develop into an infection called periodontitis.

This infection can make you lose teeth, and it spreads to all surrounding areas of the tooth. The treatment used for this illness is called hygiene therapy, and it can be practiced at home and as well as a dental clinic. At Bellevue dental clinic special tools are used to clean below the gum line, these are areas where a toothbrush is unable to reach.

Cleaning these areas regularly will help your teeth remain clean and healthy and keep gum disease away from you.

Placement of crowns and bridges

Due to an accident or decay, a person might lose a tooth or it might be cracked, or broken. This person doesn’t have to carry this tooth and its appearance all through life.

At a dental clinic there is provision for replacement of teeth for those who have lost theirs. Our clinic has the most recent of technologically advanced crowns, which are capable of giving you comfort, and more durability.

Bellevue dental has excellent techniques of fitting the crown over your tooth, and making it sit well. The appearance would be as it were a real teeth, and the color would be the same with the other teeth.  This can be exchanged with another crown as the need arises.

A bridge can help our dentist secure the teeth. The use of a precious metal to form and hold the crown together, making the teeth stay firmly in one place, makes the patient eat more easily and efficiently.  However both the crown and bridges need proper cleaning to keep plaque out your teeth and prevent bad breath.


Taking time to cater for the needs of the teeth and our mouth is important, the use of the mouth is one of the most essential to our bodies and keeping it clean and healthy should be taking seriously, a visit to Bellevue Dental clinic the best dental clinic in Abuja will help you get an assessment of the health your teeth and what you need to do to keep it healthy.

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  • I have a brownish stain on my teeth and it has been there since childhood
    Mum told me that it was an effect of the drugs I took
    And since then,I’ve looked for what to do to clear it
    It makes me shy as a young girl of just 20 years old

    • Hello Precious, we can understand how you feel, so reach out to us today on +234 (0) 809 114 9418 or via mail with and we will give your desired solution.


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