Saliva is mostly water. But it also contains proteins, electrolytes, and mineral salts.

An adult produces about 0.5 L to 1.5 L of saliva per day. Saliva is mostly produced by the parotid, submandibular and sublingual glands.

The amount produced depends, for example, on hydration, physical and emotional state, hormonal changes, and intake of certain medications. Alcohol and tobacco intake also impact negatively on the level of saliva produced.


Did you know that:

Saliva, in addition to its protective role, fights against bacteria and helps to maintain good oral health?

Fight germs

Saliva helps to regulate the acidic level in the mouth, protects tooth enamel and prevents tooth decay and gum disease?


Saliva helps to fight against germs and microbes that can lead to sickness if they get into our body?


Final note

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