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Tooth sensitivity or toothache is not normal and should be taken seriously, to get adequate treatment visit a dentist in Abuja to find out what really causes the pain and what you can do about it.

Tooth sensitivity or “dentin hypersensitivity” is a pain or discomfort you feel in your teeth. It usually comes like a sharp and sudden pain and goes almost as quickly as it comes. This pain is usually felt when your dentin is exposed to foods or drinks you eat.

The dentin is made up of a microscopic layer of tubules under the outer layer of enamel at the base of the teeth. These tubules are the nerves connected to the teeth, and they can get exposed when the gums protecting the teeth are worn out or have receded. Cracked teeth, cavities, and enamel loss can also leave the dentin exposed.

Eating foods that are hot, cold, sweet, or spicy can trigger pain in the mouth due to the exposed dentin which leads to your teeth being sensitive. With a visit to a dentist in Abuja at Bellevue dental clinic, you can find the true cause of the pain and treat it accordingly.

Other causes of sensitive teeth are:

  • Using a hard toothbrush
  • Brushing your teeth hard
  • Eating highly acidic foods
  • Grinding or clenching your teeth
  • Getting dental cleaning or treatment
  • Gum disease

Dentist in Abuja


These are the ways you can deal with tooth sensitivity:

See a dentist

If you start experiencing tooth sensitivity for the first time or it is very persistent, it is best you go to see a dentist, where your teeth will be checked for signs like cavities, recessed gums, or cracked teeth that might cause the pain.

Depending on the state of your teeth, the dentist can perform treatments to ease the pain like using desensitizing agents or fluoride gel to strengthen the enamel and protect the teeth. A more professional method for treating sensitive teeth like placing surgical gum graft which protects the gum tissue if it is weakened from the root can be used by a dentist as well.

A dentist in Abuja can also prescribe a toothpaste or mouthwash you can use which helps in controlling the pain.

The important thing to know is that proper diagnosis helps in determining the real cause of the pain so that the right treatment or steps will be taken.


Find the right toothpaste

Getting the right kind of toothpaste can help tooth sensitivity. You can find a toothpaste made specifically for people with sensitive teeth, these toothpastes do not have a cluster of ingredients that can cause irritation to the people who use them.

Toothpaste rich in Potassium nitrate which is an anti-sensitive active agent will help, if you have sensitive teeth. Always look-out for a toothpaste that remineralizes damaged enamel, they help also.


Use soft-bristled toothbrushes 

Using a toothbrush that is soft will help your teeth and gums feel less irritation and prevent your gums from receding. The softer toothbrush will be gentler on your gums which keeps it from thinning, and there will be less swelling when you brush.

Brushing your teeth gently and practicing good oral hygiene will help your mouth be clean and healthy.


Avoid grinding your teeth

Constantly grinding your teeth is not helping when you have tooth sensitivity. The grinding and clenching put a lot of unnecessary strain on the teeth and gums which will make the protective enamel around your teeth weaken.

So keep away from stressful situations and if you grind your teeth at night then get a mouth-guard.


Consume foods with less extreme temperatures

There is no point eating foods or drinks with extreme temperatures if you know you have sensitive teeth. A food or drink that is either extremely hot or cold won’t taste as good as it should due to the pain you experience while consuming it.

So it is better to eat foods that have regular or normal temperatures till you can see improvements in how sensitive you are to them.

This will make you enjoy your food and not always feel pain.



There is no single treatment for sensitive teeth, but proper diagnosis and treatment of the cause of sensitive teeth is the best way to reduce the pain effectively and prevent the enamel from wearing out and causing damage to the teeth. Come to Bellevue Dental today where a dentist in Abuja will check your teeth and provide treatments to relieve the pain and you will feel better.

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