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Have you ever wondered what the hardest substance in the human body is? The answer is: TOOTH ENAMEL  Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the body. This resilient surface is 96 percent mineral, the highest percentage of any tissue in your body – making it durable and damage-resistant. Now watch the video below where people on the streets are asked…

Do you have tooth sensitivity? A Visit to a Dentist in Abuja Can Help

Tooth sensitivity or toothache is not normal and should be taken seriously, to get adequate treatment visit a dentist in Abuja to find out what really causes the pain and what you can do about it. Tooth sensitivity or “dentin hypersensitivity” is a pain or discomfort you feel in your teeth. It usually comes like a sharp and sudden pain…

Are You Ready to Give Your Teeth Excellent Care at the Best Dental Clinic in Abuja?

To put the care of your teeth as a priority is to put your health on advantage, and at Bellevue dental the best dental clinic in Abuja you will get excellent care for your teeth and mouth in full. In offering services of a broad and specialized nature, we at Bellevue dental are all about giving you the best. The…

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