Dental Hospital in Abuja

An oral checkup at a dental clinic in Abuja is an important step to ensuring the general welfare of your entire body.

The state of your teeth mirrors that of your overall health, and frequent checkups at the dentist can help in the detection of illness like, cavities, tooth decay, gum disease, oral cancer, all of which affects the mouth and starts all sort of problems like, bad breath, bleeding gums, and damage of the soft tissues and bone structure that holds your teeth together.

A dental checkup at Bellevue Dental clinic can also help detect diseases that are not even found in the mouth. Diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, and so many others have links to the mouth. These symptoms can be spotted by a dentist and then recommendations on treatment and care are giving to the patient who can take it to the appropriate medical practitioner for treatment.

Dental Hospital in Abuja

Here are the importance of getting an oral checkup at a dental clinic in Abuja.

Get a professional opinion of the health of your teeth

It is easier for you to say I would just brush my teeth twice every day and floss, and it would be enough to keep my teeth clean and healthy, that is not entirely true.

While it is essential that you keep that routine going, there are some places in your mouth that you can’t reach by yourself when you brush your teeth, also plaque and tartar that stay on and in-between your teeth over time cannot just go away with brushing, and to detect any sign of illness or disease cannot just be done by you if you are not trained to spot them.

This is why you need to get a professional opinion about the state of teeth from a dentist.

Dental Hospital in Abuja

Know how your hygiene and nutrition affects your teeth

Your body’s survival, growth, and development are dependent on what you eat and it’s quality, and that can easily be related to what you eat or consume with your mouth. Excesses in sugar intake, or smoking, and even not washing your hands properly before eating anything can be hazardous to your health. Proper hygiene is so important to keep the health of your mouth intact.

As for nutrition of your mouth, you can relate it to that of your health as well, a balanced diet can give your body and your mouth inclusive the right nutrients to carry on. Though for extra caution a good intake of foods rich in vitamins A and C can be a great way to safeguard and boost the vitality of your teeth.

A dentist can spot any deficiencies that your body might have and then through this, give you the right information to get your body’s nutrition up to aid your body in tackling the problems you have with your mouth.

Tell the dentist the challenges you face with your health

The dentist is the right person to talk to about challenges on your oral health and overall health as well. Whenever you come for a checkup you will be told by the dentist to tell about your habits, lifestyle, hygiene, diet, oral and medical history of you and your family and illnesses you have or had.

This information you give can help the dentist to move in the right direction for all the decisions, treatments, and recommendations to give you a clean and healthy mouth.

You will get diagnosis and treatment recommendations

Checkups with a dentist can aid in the diagnosis of oral illness and prevent so many diseases from getting out of hand. Dentists can also perform fillings, teeth cleaning, removal of a wisdom tooth, and surgical procedures. However, there is work to do on your own first, so that you can be better prepared for the change you want in your Oral health.

Man brushing his teeth

You can start to care for your teeth by;

  • Brushing twice daily
  • Floss your teeth daily as well
  • Limit intake of foods with lots of sugar
  • Don’t use your teeth to open bottle tops, or crack open nuts
  • See a dentist at least twice every six months for checkups.


All these points to the fact that your mouth should be cared for as much as any part of your body and even more, and the right place to obtain the right care for it is a dental clinic in Abuja.

So do not just wait till you start noticing any pain, bleeding or numbness in your mouth, come to Bellevue Dental clinic and we will take care of your teeth in the best way possible.

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