Are You Ready to Give Your Teeth Excellent Care at the Best Dental Clinic in Abuja

To put the care of your teeth as a priority is to put your health on advantage, and at Bellevue dental the best dental clinic in Abuja you will get excellent care for your teeth and mouth in full.

In offering services of a broad and specialized nature, we at Bellevue dental are all about giving you the best. The services we offer are directed towards making your mouth healthy, your teeth shining and your smile beautiful.

To achieve a clean, and a healthy mouth, our dental professionals carry out diagnoses and treat a long list of illnesses that affect the teeth and give you solutions that work to keep you and your teeth healthy and strong. Along with this, we offer preventive care that can be able to make the teeth less susceptible to the illnesses that can affect them.

Are You Ready to Give Your Teeth Excellent Care at the Best Dental Clinic in Abuja

These are the services we offer to our patients, and more;

  • Remove tooth decay and fill cavities
  • Examine x rays of teeth, gums, jaw and the whole mouth to find where there are problems.
  • Straighten and repair fractured teeth.
  • Place protective braces or dentures on children’s teeth.
  • Corrective surgery to treat gum disease.
  • Extraction of teeth and replacement of missing teeth.
  • Educate patients on how to brush properly, flossing, embrace proper diet, and how to protect the teeth from harm.
  • And we listen to you and what bothers you about your general health and provide advice on how to get over such challenges.

Equipment’s at our disposal 

With equipment’s that can rival the best dental service providers around the globe, like x-ray machines, lasers, drills, digital scanners, scalpels, brushes, mouth mirrors, etc. this is all in a bid to give the dentist the chance to detect and an analyze the state of the mouth and treat accordingly.

As the best dental clinic in Abuja, we have specialists in major cases of dental care and treatment, and they are available to our customers and patients, making us provide holistic care for all that have challenges with their oral health.

We have dental professionals like;


These dentists primarily work on straightening the teeth with braces or sealants by putting pressure on the teeth. These procedures when carried out can help to keep the teeth aligned and positioned properly for more ease when brushing and flossing. Orthodontic treatment is more effective if they are done at an earlier age, but there are still positive results for adults as well.

Maxillofacial surgeons

This dental specialist works on the teeth, hard and soft tissues of the mouth, gums, jaws, head, neck, and face, and is commonly referred to as an oral surgeon. They deal with injuries to teeth and bone structures or a dislocated or fractured jaw and defects to areas around the head and neck.

Also, they deal with sleep apnea for those who have problem breathing while sleeping, which could be because of a jaw poorly positioned or lots of soft tissue blocking an airway opening. This is however very delicate and has to be completely necessary.

Baby brushing her teeth

Pediatric dentists

These specialize in dental care for children, and people with special needs. For children, they care for them from infancy, through to when they grow baby teeth till they lose those and grow permanent teeth.

Regular checks and cleaning are done on the children and when the permanent teeth come they make sure they are growing properly and if they are not, braces are put on them to correct them so that they are perfectly aligned and they have a good bite.


Periodontists are concerned with treating the gums and bone structure supporting the teeth. This practice is more concerned with cases that are problematic, patients with a complex medical history. They are involved with the scaling and root planning for infected surface areas, and the removal of the damaged tissue. And they are skilled in the placement, removal, and maintenance of dental implants.

Are You Ready to Give Your Teeth Excellent Care at the Best Dental Clinic in Abuja


These carry out root-canal therapy, which is basically a chance for an infected tooth to be treated back to health. A cracked tooth can be saved also and you can get this at the table of the endodontist. To keep your natural teeth even when it is facing some illnesses then you need the services of the endodontist.

All these dental specialists and professionals are skilled and experienced to handle various challenges that you might with your teeth, mouth and entire head and body in extension. So your problems and challenges are not going to be short of expertise at Bellevue dental clinic


The care of the teeth is always the first to way to combat illness and diseases that may come, so come to Bellevue Dental the best dental clinic in Abuja, so you can a well-rounded care for your teeth and your entire body in a very friendly and professional office environment.

You can visit our website and book your appointment, then you are going to be accessed and then we will take care of you and your oral health.

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