Dental X-ray for Children

Regular dental X-rays for children are an important part of dental treatment for kids as they grow up.

The development of a child is quite rapid and even if they shed their baby teeth and begin to grow new ones the new teeth must be watched and catered for so they grow healthy, strong, and in the right place which is also known as dentition.

To properly monitor this development regular visits to the dentists to undergo dental X-rays for children are crucial to getting your kids’ teeth looking its best.

The following are some of the reasons why dental X-rays for children are necessary:

To lookout for problems that cannot be seen with a visual exam

When children start to outgrow their teeth, a lot can occur that can’t easily be explained through a visual exam, a dentist will need to use a radiograph or dental X-ray to check for any abnormally and problems that are present or may occur. This information would be used for diagnosis and recommendation to a parent for the best form of treatment to take.

To check for tooth decay

As children grow there is a chance that they may be exposed to tooth decay, either through their eating habits or insufficient daily care like brushing and flossing. Since decay can happen anywhere in the teeth, a thorough examination of your child’s teeth and general tooth structure most especially in areas where chewing is common can aid in the early diagnosis and treatment.

But since a standard clinical examination can not always give the dentist a full picture of what is happening with the child’s teeth and to what extent a dental X-ray should be carried out.

To check for proper arrangement of the teeth

As children grow they certainly will outgrow their baby teeth otherwise known as milk teeth to grow permanent teeth. This change can happen smoothly in some while in others not so smooth. While permanent teeth are growing children must have as many dental appointments as possible, this is because it allows the dentist to track the development of their teeth and confirm if they are all growing way there are supposed to.

Some children might have;

  • crowded teeth
  • their lower and upper jaw not fitting together
  • others could even have extra teeth forming

All these issues can give a child a lot of discomfort and pain, and if it is not tackled early this compromised tooth structure might become permanent.


It is recommended that dental X-rays for children be done every six months, this can vary depending on the needs of the child. But a dental X-ray must be done on a child when they begin to develop permanent teeth. Children who previously had cavities should have more X-rays done on them.  It is also important to stress that modern X-ray equipment for dental X-ray for children uses very minimal doses of radiation and takes a shorter time to complete, coupled with the lead apron worn during the procedure there is little chance of radiation exposure. So book an appointment today to give your child the best of dental healthcare.

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