Dental X-ray

Receiving better dental health treatments can be made easier and efficient with a dental x-ray.

Having a dental procedure like x-rays done on your teeth can provide the most revealing details about the health of your teeth that the naked eye cannot see. It is one of the most effective ways that accurate diagnosis and treatment can be given to the teeth. With a dental x-ray, solutions to underlining dental illness and treatment will be prescribed to the patients, even at the earliest of stages.

Dental x-rays are not always used for diagnosis but if a patient has signs of dental problems and the dentist advises that an x-ray be done, then it should be seriously considered.

Some of the importance of dental x-rays are as follows:



A Dentist Can See What Is Beneath Your Teeth

X-rays done on the mouth of a patient by a dentist can help the dentist take a closer look at what is beneath the patient’s teeth, right from the teeth down to the gums and bones underneath. It gives the dentist some historical data of your health through the data shown on the image and can aid the dentist make informed decisions about what care and treatment measures should be taken.

A Dental X-Ray Can Prevent Life-Threatening Diseases

Many dental illnesses go unnoticed or insufficiently diagnosed. If they last for long it can cost serious damage to the teeth and overall health as well. This makes it necessary for an x-ray to be done on a patient’s teeth. Some of these diseases include:

  • Abscesses
  • Bone loss
  • Gum diseases

Early diagnosis and treatment of these illnesses can aid quick recovery and prevent future complications.

A Patient Gets To See What Is Happening Beneath

Having a dental x-ray allows a patient to see exactly what the dentist is talking about when they’re describing an oral-related issue. Dental x-rays can also reveal wisdom teeth, missing or impacted teeth, all of which when treated can give a patient more comfort and better tooth structure. With the x-ray, dental professionals can easily give patients a more graphic picture of what is going on with their teeth and how to care for the teeth and proper treatments can be done.

A Dental X-ray Will Aid Dental Care

Getting a dental x-ray can vary on the patient’s needs but an annual appointment of dental cleaning with dental x-ray is always advisable. A patient can have an x-ray done on the mouth to get a full picture of everything happening with the teeth and for new patients, regular x-rays in the first year of starting dental care is important because it aids the dentist to establish the health of your teeth and give professional advice as needed going forward.

Adults can have an x-ray done once a year and not have to do it again except in a case of dental problems or recommendations from the dentist. Children, however, need more x-rays than adults, this is due to the changing nature of their teeth.

Dental X-ray

Different Types OF Dental X-ray

When a patient visits the dentist some types of x-rays are carried out to determine the state of the teeth.

One is two to four bitewing x-ray: This can show the dentist more information about the crown sections of the teeth and spot signs of tooth decay. To take the x-rays the patient is given a bite plate that is placed in between the teeth while the x-ray machine is placed on both sides of the patient’s face and images are taken of the underlining structures of the mouth.

Another is panoramic x-rays: This type of x-ray can give a dentist a full image of the oral cavity of the patient. To achieve this the x-ray machine moves around the entire head to get a full picture of the patient’s head. Images from the x-ray reach the jaw bones and sinus areas which aid in detecting jaw disorders and hidden dental problems yet to surface.

Are X-rays Safe?

The most concern people have with dental x-rays is radiation exposure but growth in x-ray development technology over the years has reduced radiation levels to little amounts that have minute impacts on the overall health of a patient.

Safety During X-ray Procedures

Modern dental x-ray machines have aided in the reduction of radiation emissions; but, they still emit low levels of radiation. To limit these risks dentists, cover the patient with a leaded apron and a leaded thyroid collar. These safety measures significantly reduce the risks of radiation exposure.


For effective preventive measures against dental illnesses, undergoing a dental x-ray at least once a year is important to your dental and overall health. These x-rays are painless and last a few minutes but they offer benefits that could last a lifetime. Start today by scheduling an appointment with Bellevue Dental Clinic today and see your dental health improve. You will find practicing dental professionals who are dedicated to giving you the best dental healthcare.


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