Dental Hospital in Abuja

It is important for you to receive professional advice, consultation, and treatments on matters relating to your oral health, then you need to use the services of a dental hospital in Abuja for the best results.

A dental hospital provides a lot of services for the care of the teeth. These include; checkups, cleaning, fillings, tooth removal, and placement of crowns, dentures, and bridges (called fixed and removable prosthodontics). At Bellevue Dental, these services are available to patients that come in, to see the dental professionals we have concerning issues about their teeth and overall oral health.

Also, some specialized services like treatment of disease of the gums called (Periodontics), root canal treatment called (Endodontics), and surgical procedures of the mouth and jaws called (Oral and maxillofacial surgery), and the correction and prevention of abnormalities called (Orthodontics) are available at our clinic.

Here are some of the services you will find at Bellevue dental clinic.

Oral and maxillofacial surgery

This is a practice of carrying out dental procedures on areas in and around the mouth and jaw. Some of these procedures are jaw and teeth repair, this will be required if a patient is suffering from an injury, also Oral surgeons can perform treatments for, gum graft, maxillofacial surgery, root canal, Tooth implants, impacted/damaged wisdom teeth.

In addition, Bellevue dental has Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons that can perform these surgical procedures on patients with dental issues like oral infections, diseases, injuries, soft and hard pathology, and defects of the head and throat. Maxillofacial surgery can also be done on patients who in the past had an incident involving facial trauma and need it to be treated properly.


This is mainly the treatment of teeth that are positioned improperly. This is a well-developed dental surgical procedure that requires trained specialists in the established patterns of treating abnormalities. These procedures are done on the face to correct deficiencies found in them, and we at Bellevue have resident specialists that can perform such surgeries to give you a facial structure you will be happier with.

Also, an Orthodontic procedure can help your teeth be more appealing, and enable you to bite well on food and enable you to keep your teeth clean and brush up properly.

Pediatric dentistry

This area of specialization is concerned with the oral care of babies, children, and teenagers. This practice is mostly done with the aim of preventing children’s teeth from been unevenly matched when they can begin to grow permanent ones. Also to teach children of good oral hygiene so they can make informed choices concerning their oral health as they grow.


It is possible that poor hygiene, injury, or hereditary factors, can affect the health of the teeth. When this is not attended to promptly, you could begin to experience pain and it could eventually lead to tooth loss. When you come to our dental hospital in Abuja, a procedure called root canal treatment would be done on the tooth with the problem so that you don’t have to lose it.


Crowns, dentures, and bridges

When a patient has a weakened tooth or loses a tooth, there are implants that can help strengthen the teeth back to life or replacements that fill the holes left. Crowns and bridges are made of porcelain or metal alloys and are designed to keep the teeth straight.  A crown can give a tooth that is damaged a protective covering that will keep it clean and stay put without much strain.

Dentures can be either complete or partial and are mainly designed for patients that have lost much or all of their teeth or have a much-weakened teeth structure. If a patient has a few teeth lost then a partial denture is used to fill in those areas. And if there are more teeth lost, then a complete denture is needed to enable the patient to have a bite when eating.


Your teeth’s importance to your health and your appearance is important so to care for it is to find a dental hospital in Abuja that offers a wide range of options for treatments in various specializations. Come to Bellevue Dental clinic and find specialists in these fields that a lot of experience in dealing with the many challenges that concern your oral health.

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