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The loss of a tooth or having missing teeth is not pleasant and that is why finding a dentist in Abuja to help you to save the rest of your teeth and its remaining structure is very important.

Our teeth are in close proximity to one another, this means that when one is missing, the ones around it start to shoulder the burden left by the missing tooth and this can be harmful to the rest. Also lost teeth can affect the way you bite food and can weaken your jawbone as well.

When you lose a tooth or more, your smile and facial appearance is not the only thing at stake but also the overall health of the remaining teeth and your mouth. This is why you need the professional services of a dentist in Abuja to help you pick the right procedure to replace any of your teeth in front, or those at the back.

Missing teeth left unattended to can cause health problems like:

  • Bone loss: the presence of teeth stimulates bone growth and if the teeth are lost, that area of the jaw shrinks and changes the shape of your face.
  • Crooked teeth: all the teeth in the mouth are used for eating and chewing so if you lose one or more the burden shifts to the others and places them at risk as well.
  • Gum disease: missing tooth can affect the way you brush and if you cannot have your mouth cleaned well while brushing there is a tendency that plaque will form and if it stays long enough, it can become harmful your gums.
  • Tooth decay: the increased strain of having to work more and getting food particles stuck on the teeth can lead to tooth decay.
  • Temporomandibular joints (TMJ) disorders: the joints that connect your jaw and your skull is the temporomandibular joint and its integrity is threatened when missing tooth is left unattended. This often can lead to headaches, pain, and discomfort in the head.

To avoid such problems you need to visit a dentist in Abuja at Bellevue Dental clinic to recommend and perform any of these procedures.

Dentist in Abuja

  1. Dental implant

A widely used and accepted option of replacement choices for missing tooth is a dental implant. It is made up of titanium and porcelain designed to fit in with the rest of your teeth and has been known to last longer and give more desired results.

This procedure is not limited to just the one missing tooth and is done with lots of preparations to get accurate information on how to proceed with it in a very safe manner to limit side effects. The dentist needs some of your medical histories and also needs to make some diagnosis to recommend it.

The dental practitioner does some CT scans to determine the state of the bone where the tooth is missing, when this is done and the bone certified healthy enough to receive the implant, a titanium screw serving as a replacement for a tooth root is surgically placed on the jaw, with a small screw cap where the tooth will be anchored on.

Your mouth is given rest for some weeks or a month for the jawbone to grow around the implant depending on how well you heal. Afterward, the dentist will remove the screw cap and then place the titanium abutment. Now the porcelain crown is placed on it and screwed securely onto the abutment, now you have a brand new tooth to serve you well and for long.

  1. Dental bridge

A dental bridge is designed as a couple of artificial teeth fit in a metal or ceramic frame. It is placed over the area of the missing teeth and is supported by the surrounding teeth.

Mostly used for areas where there isn’t enough space for an implant. The procedure requires several visits to the dentist for proper imaging and impressions, preparation of the surrounding teeth to be used to support the dental bridge, and finally the appointment for fixing the dental bridge.

A dental bridge is a procedure can help in cases of multiple loss of teeth and can be done regardless of where the tooth has been lost. Eating with a dental bridge is especially easy and for appearance’s sake your smile is beautiful, and it will serve you for a long time and the dental bridge is easy to maintain.

Dentist in Abuja

  1. Partial denture

This option of replacing missing teeth is not as costly as the others and can be used without having to lose your other teeth. A partial denture is designed to fit in your mouth specifically keeping the form of your mouth, and when you opt for a partial denture you get a procedure that doesn’t require surgery and will not take long to place the implant.

It is generally made of nylon material or pink acrylic and it is placed at the base of the area of the missing tooth to give the feel of gum and give stability to the denture. Following this the teeth are placed on the fitted space, depending on where the tooth is missing or the type of denture, clasps are sometimes used to keep the denture in place and could be noticed when you talk or smile to someone.

This replacement option is not a fixed one and it has to be taken out when going to bed so that your gums can rest and recover, and they also have to be cleaned each day.  It is possible that there may be some slight loss of the sense of taste because it could cover palette.


Modern dentistry and advancements in dental replacements can now give anyone who has lost their tooth or teeth to get a presentable appearance, it is not advisable to just do nothing if you have a missing tooth because, that choice will make the situation of your mouth deteriorate and possibly lead to incessant pain in your teeth, bleeding and itchy gums and even further loss of your teeth as well.

So come to Bellevue dental where you can find a dentist in Abuja that will get you the right procedure to cater to your missing tooth.


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